‘I Thank You’

A great story from my friend Mark Greenop.
As a child growing up in the Cumbrian coastal town of Workington he was often dispatched to the local grocery store for bread, cheese and the like.  The shop was run by a kindly lady called Amy Daglish who gave 24 hour service, 365 days a year.  This was remarkable because she was the only person who worked there.  Apparently you could call anytime day or night and Amy would be delighted to serve even if you had got her out of bed to do so. Whenever she made a sale she would say ‘I thank you’, in fact she said this all the time in response to any request.  Her kindness and selflessness made revered throughout the town.
When acknowledgements are heartfelt, genuine expressions it is so meaningful.  Unlike the ‘have a nice day’  which is so tarnished that even when you really mean it from the bottom of your heart the person hearing it perceives it as drivel.  My lads had a ski instructor that praised them with a ‘good job’.  From her it was the ultimate praise, when I tried it, well, I was met with derision. 
Amy had it right.  She had developed her own, unique, meaningful acknowledgement which when she used it it had the right effect.  These can’t be scripted by the corporate customer services department. It’s like trying on shoes, you’ve got to find the style that suits you and that fits. Even then, they need to be worn in until you’ve got them just perfect.  ‘Suits you, Sir’ is what we’re aiming at rather than a ‘Bothered?’ when it comes to this small yet so important parting comment.
Now that I’ve pointed this out you’ll all be self conscious about your ‘parting saying’.  Actually, you probably haven’t even noticed what you do.  Now is the time to take note, try a few out to find one that you feel comfortable with and then perfect it.
Take care.