Just a Friday thought… Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?
The day I tapped a partition wall with a hammer to find out if the plaster was sound.  It wasn’t.  One minute, beautiful bedroom, next two tons of dust.
Pouring petrol on a smouldering bonfire – the result, a small explosion and no eyebrows.
Nudging a small, immaculately dressed son as he stood by the garden pond two minutes before we were due to go out to a smart family occasion.  Need I say more?
Lost in a Swedish forest and asking the blind man I met for directions.
Believing a CRM system might work first time.
The list goes on.  Those sages quick to point out how they could see what was going to happen and, as the Harry Enfield character so eloquently stated; ‘You didn’t want to do it like that’ have all missed the point. Things happen, it’s all part of life’s rich experience.  Most importantly, we learn. To get to the next level you have to learn from those things that didn’t go entirely according to plan.
Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing because it creates opportunity for improvement.  Even now my son will not stand between me and open water. He’s learnt. Have I?