Be Aware

The no-cost trick to gain more customers, more engaged colleagues and a more fulfilled life.
How often have you travelled an oft-used route in your car, or on the train, and arrived safely at the other end with no recollection of your journey?  It’s not that you were asleep; simply that nothing caught your attention.  Perhaps your mind was elsewhere, musing on the pressing issues of your day.
Have you ever been in a shop, selected a magazine or sandwich, and have no recollection of the experience you just had as a customer? Amazingly, you were willing and able to spend your hard earned cash in their shop, but they made no attempt to make a connection with you.
Would your colleagues ever say you had missed an opportunity to notice a great piece of work they had done for you?  Maybe they made a special effort to hit a deadline, or had to overcome complications to help you out. I know if I asked you, your response would be that you always praise people, at every opportunity. We always like to thinkwe do.
Now, let’s consider another perspective.
You completed a piece of work to the best of your ability; hit the deadline by some miracle, after having all sorts of problems.  Ticked that box, now move on.  Did anyone thank you to show they valued what you did for them? Has anyone recognised the effort you made?  Did you notice the acknowledgement and thanks your colleague lavished upon you for doing a great job and saving their day? Maybe it didn’t register.
Your customers came and went.  They seemed happy with the service you gave them.  Or at least didn’t say otherwise.  There were some regular faces, but many you might see only once or twice and then never again. They didn’t make any attempt to make a connection; they’re in a world of their own.  Never to be seen again.
Beware. There is a great deal to lose when we take awareness for granted.
Perhaps if we make a conscious effort to be more aware, we might connect with more customers turning them into regular visitors, engage with our colleagues more, and ourselves feel more valued.  All this at no cost… What more can there be?
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