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‘Very good course which I shall recommend to others.’ – Building Emotional Engagement with Legal & General.

6th September 2011, Paradigmantics descend upon Brighton & Hove, met with torrential rain, gale force winds and news of ‘Operation Stack’ flashing on the Motorway gantries! As we arrive at Legal & General’s Hove HQ we are greeted by a plethora of their trademark multicoloured umbrellas as staff battle against the elements!

Fortunately, once inside, a warm room and fresh coffee lifted our spirits as we prepared to deliver another of our ‘Engaged Customer’ Masterclasses for 17 staff from across a variety of functions within the organisation.

Focusing upon the question: ‘How do we build emotional engagement with our customers?’ (Both internally as well as externally), we guided participants through an engaging and highly interactive session comprised of multimedia, facilitation, discussion and group activity. 

Participants were given the unique opportunity to not only learn from Paradigmantics’ expertise on achieving this ‘holy grail’ of Customer Experience, but also encouraged to share and learn from the innovations and experiences of their colleagues who have been pushing the boundaries of how they deliver for their customers.

Reflecting the subject matter itself, the session is designed to emotionally engage participants which, in turn, creates a safe environment to explore new ideas, transcend organisational barriers and aspire towards something better.

The result:

·         88% of participants felt completely or mostly able to participate in the event
·         94% of participants felt they now completely or mostly understand what is meant by emotional engagement
·         100% of participants felt in some way more confident to contribute to engaging customers
·         On average, participants said they would be 75% likely to recommend this session to a colleague

Participant Comments included:

‘Extremely motivating & linked to subject matter’
‘Engaging’, ‘Clear & Concise’ & ‘Brilliant’
‘Good & very relevant course’
‘Good presentation, enjoyed it’
‘Good speaker with lots of humour. I really enjoyed the films’

Our Client said:

“An engaging and thought provoking session which prompted healthy debate and discussion on the need to connect emotionally with both customers and colleagues”

To find out more, or to arrange a free taster session, please don’t hesitate to contact:

‘Fab team, very energetic, excellent content – stimulating’. Our Engaged Customer Master Class raises aspirations

On 24th August 2011, Paradigmantics piloted a new Masterclass session in partnership with renowned Leeds-based manufacturer Ellbee Ltd.

Our ‘Engaged Customer’ programme recognises that quality and value is no longer the holy grail of business, as competitors can quickly replicate an organisation’s success in this field. Customer satisfaction is no longer the pinnacle of customer service as today’s sophisticated customer has higher expectations and plenty of choice.
Even if you deliver your product or service brilliantly and give customers a great experience, there can still be more. Getting customers emotionally engaged with your organisation ensures they keep returning and recommend you to others.
Ellbee are market leaders in the design and production of doors, windows and shower enclosures for the holiday home and trade markets. They have chosen to focus upon Customer Experience as a key frontier for achieving even higher levels of excellence and success. Our 3-hour Building Emotional Engagement Master Class was delivered to 25 individuals from across a range of functions within the business. 
By utilising a highly interactive approach, combining discussion, group activity, multimedia and facilitation, participants were quickly and effectively engaged, raising aspirations toward those of the world beating organisations we used as examples of ‘great’ practice.

The Result:
100% of participants felt they now understand what an engaged customer wants
96% of participants felt able to participate in the session
88% of participants felt more confident to contribute to engaging customers
On a scale of 0-100%, participants said they would be 77% likely to recommend this session to a colleague

Our Client said:

“I have not been disappointed with Paradigmantics level of service and response, and in particular the way that they have quickly understood our business and the internal and external challenges that we face.  Their Masterclass has certainly given our staff some things to think about, and has been the catalyst for the Company to consider their feedback and implement their ideas on how we can continue to engage with our internal and external customers.” Caroline Lee, HR Manager.
Comments included:
‘Excellent content – felt trainer really understood our business’

‘A very well delivered, interesting session’
‘Very informative & enjoyable – relaxed atmosphere’
 For more information, a copy of the ‘Engaged Customer’ programme outline, or to request a free taster session contact: